Saturday, May 29, 2010

Learning About Sex

As we celebrate this holiday weekend and have time to relax, I thought it'd be interesting to look back and think about how you first learned about sex. How you first put your hand between your legs and felt something good but something you didn't understand, how you felt when you first got wet, when you first came.

And did you have any instruction about sex from your parents, teachers, school classes, friends and books.

Or did you just discover on your own what it felt like when you learned how good it felt to have your hand between your legs. Or are those out there who first learned it when somebody else first played with them.

Your thoughts.



  1. It sounds to me like you first learned about sex on Memorial Day weekend. True?

    I learned my own body by touching. I don't know how old I was. I don't remember how old I was but I know I was doing it at 10 or 11.

    And I remember playing games with very sexual themes at 8 or 9 with a girlfriend. I always wanted her to tie me up and boss me around. And maybe spank me a little.

    Way too young.

  2. I remember being told about the "facts" of it when I was nine at the back of the bus by my best friend and being so shocked. The feelings I remember very clearly daydreaming one night (it was still a day dream!) about being spanked by a pop star and suddenly this feeling came over me and my eyes flew open in the dark. It was the most intense desire and I had no idea about it but I knew it was far, far too much for me. I ignored it because it scared me. I was about twelve or thirteen. Like Sin, I also played spanking games when I was younger and I had no idea what was going on - I just knew that is what I wanted to do and that I needed to be the one being spanked. As Sin said, "Way too young" because I was about eight or nine then also.

    Wow- we really are hard wired, aren't we? Great question. I hope you do not mind if I post about it.

  3. wow, i was way younger than 9 and then i was WAY WAY too young.

    it almost feels like i never 'learned' about sex, i just knew. because i was never given the 'talk', and in health class i already knew the basics. ehhh.

  4. Hmmm.... I was also really young, but I can't precise my age... I just remember how good it felt touching myself, how I've learnt to do that and how it used to get better and better, but I still didn't know what a orgasm was. I didn't know that good feeling was supposed to have an "end"... and what a glorious end! ;) When I've first came it was such a surprise :) It's funny to think of it now!
    Sex, I've learnt about everywhere: friends, at school, home... And, still today, I am pleased of learn more and more about it :)

  5. Gosh i remember watching this horribly gruesome documentary about sex,pregnancy and labor. It was all about scaring us from having sex. It was intense. I think we were 12? I was also really young when i started having sexual feelings. I remember I would *blush* use various childrens toys to masturbate with. I remember the first time I touched a boys penis I was 6. I think i always had a kinky mind. I know I was at least 9 or 10 but possibly younger. I believe I got my first vibrator when I was 14. Crazy!! TOO YOUNG!!

  6. I can't remember, it must have been when I was very young. I do remember watching my youngest sister playing with herself when she was two years old so I guess we do that as soon as we can get our fingers to that special spot.

  7. FD sir,
    you have a way of asking the best questions,,, i mean seriously... how do u think of such ques??
    Anyway my first encounter was when i was 17, when i first touched myself down there... i had been having sexual thoughts for quite a while now and was completely ignorant about sex....
    i just knew that some joinin would go on,,, i was still trying to figure out where the cock would fit, when i accidentally had my first orgasm. At that time i didn't even know what that was,,, just that it was so so good... and i couldn't even search it on the net since i didn't have a comp then... my link with the world was the net in my library! Finally one day i managed to get a comp alone and research it. he he he! And that is when i came to know that it was an orgasm,,, now i'm a pro in the fine art of masturbation (even if i say so myself)....

  8. I didn't learn about proper arousal and my body until very later in my life (respectively.) I had already had 3 kids before I had my first orgasm. I never really maturbated before then because it just frustrated me and did no good. I did get VERY aroused watched spanking. I Love Lucy was the first I remember and I remember sitting at home in the summer watching reruns, praying it would be a spanking episode. I didn't recognize the esire as sexual at the time, but it certainly was.

  9. Ooooh, good one, FD! I remember watching movies that involved women getting tied up or restrained/abused (mildly) when I was little - maybe 6 or 7 - and as I now recognize in hindsight, I was very aroused by all of this. So aroused, in fact, that it made my clit ache! On the whole, though, I came to sexual experience and understanding a bit later in took me a while to figure out what I really needed! ;)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  10. I think I had "wet dreams" before 10, but I was too young to realize them and said I wet myself. We had 'the talk' between classmates and I never masturbated - don't know why.

    A woman spotted me bike riding when I was in my mid-20's. She reached at my privates and stroked me. I became hard and got away from her. When I got back to my apartment, I stripped and tried what she did - instant orgasm! It felt like a bomb went off!!!!

  11. Sin: I didn't learn about sex on Memorial Day weekend. LOL. Just thought readers would have more time to comment.

    Poppy: Like Sin, you said it was way too young. But we get feelings when we get them. It's not something we decide on. And yes, we are hard wired and feel free to post on it.

    Belle: Like I said to Poppy, it's not way, way too young. We don't control when those feelings arrive.

    amasterandhissub: Wasn't it great when you learned the feelings had an "end.''

    Storey: sounds like you were playing "doctor'' at 6.

    Doll: Your sister touching herself at two shows how soon we have sexual feelings.

    Alujna: I'm glad you like the questions. I try to think of ones that will interest the readers. Good to hear you're a pro in the fine art of masturbation.

    Elle: Sorry you had to wait so long for that first O.

    Baby Girl: You getting aroused at a young age by movies shows that we're just wired this way. It often happens before we understand it.

    Dave: Too bad you cana't come across that woman again.


  12. I was way young maybe 9. I remember my first time masturbating. It was on the couch and I found that if I rubbed my pussy against it it felt good. Well I kept going and I did have an orgasm (now I know what happened). I can say that probably less than a year later I spent the night at the neighbors house and me and their daughter were playing a game where you kiss each other ALL over. I remember being aroused but don't recall an orgasm.
    I kept doing it and doing it from that point forward, not a whole lot but I know I never stopped. Now when I had sex and had an "O", holy shit fire I was hooked and wanted more and more,
    I don't recall any fantasy or kink except being with a woman.

    Good question FD

  13. I knew the basic mechanics of sex from a (probably too) young age - my parents were open about that I guess. But i was awfully niave about relationships or the emotional side of it all. When I was 7,8,9 and maybe a bit beyond, a teenage neighbor would kiss me and touch me and make me show him things. At that age, that just gave me very icky feelings about any of it alltogether. I learned about arousal and enjoyment and orgasms from a boyfriend late in high school, and was a bit older still before I would consider touching myself.

  14. First of all, I want to tell you that your blog is very exciting.

    The first time, I do not remember. I was certainly very young. I have not learned sex, I did it instinctively.

    I discovered how it was good before 8, but I hid myself. I just felt that these sexual situations should remain secret. I was learning the intimacy and the sexual pleasure by myself like something very natural but personal.

    Kiss from France,

  15. PV: Not surprised you got hooked after having the O.

    Greengirl: Yes, the emotional side of it is very important and meaningful.

    Laura: Good to hear that you find the blog exciting. And glad to hear from a blogger from France. We have a lot of bloggers from England, but not too many from France. Probably because of the language barrier. And are French men and women as sexually liberated as their reputation or is that just a stereotype?

  16. I just remember "feeling funny down there" when seeing a scene on TV like Baby Girl mentioned or reading something in a book. Nancy Drew sure did get tied up a lot... LOL! And remember Wonder Woman lost all of her powers if she allowed her wrists to be bound by a man... I have no idea what age this started. It has always been there.

  17. I think I just kinda stumbled into it.. how sad is that? :o( I need to work on losing some inhibitions...


  18. Slippery: It's interesting how women often "feel funny down here'' when they're young and don't even understand why. It shows how powerful our sexuality is.

    Red Shoes: I really hope you do lose all of your inhibitions, not just some of them. Enjoy your sexuality.