Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What it is like to have big boobs

Here's a photo montage of what it's like to have big boobs. Do any of our readers with them want to comment?


  1. Without even going to the link let me say...

    Attractive, supportive bras that don't fall apart after a month of use for us larger girls are expensive as hell.

    Jiggle is such a cute little word, my boobs never jiggle, they bounce like psychotic kangaroos unless they are strapped down in an industrial strength (very expensive) kevlar and stainless steel sports bra..

    I can't sleep on my stomach. Ever.

    If I buy a shirt that fits my boobs then my waist and hips are lost in the swirling circus tent of fabric.

    I can't play golf worth beans because my swing is impeded.

    Oh, and far too many men assume they can touch me, as if big boobs were a flashing sign that says 'Feel free to put your hands on me". A hand on my shoulder, my cheek, even my upper chest, touching my hair, my arms, all without permission. Like people touching pregnant women's bellies without permission. It can be frightening.

    1. I am stunned that men feel they can touch you. That's sexual harassment.


  2. Sorry you couldn't get the pictures to load. Hope you could read the text, which was interesting.