Monday, May 16, 2016

Keeping your sex life from becoming boring

Here's an article talking about keeping your sex life from becoming boring. Things like building anticipation and doing different things.
What are you thoughts?
Being in a long distance relationship, I think there is value in rituals because it is easy to let things slide when your contact is on the phone.
We have recently made our play time part of our evening ritual because there were times in the past when she sounded tired or distracted that I didn't pursue any phone play time. After she even called back a couple of times and I figured she wanted more, I decided that we needed more of a nightly ritual with some play time.
So I have her insert ben wa balls in his pussy before she calls to build anticipation. Then I have her remove them and ask her a series of questions like how does she want to make me happy, serve me, be taken, give herself to me, take her body for my pleasure.
Then one scenario is to tell her to spread her legs and rub her slit and clit and finally her g spot. Meanwhile, I talk about the things I like to do to her from taking off her top and unfastening her bra and cupping her boobs and presenting them to me as I suck her nipples and lick her boobs and rub them. And then remove her pants, pull down her panties and having her spread her legs and then rubbing my fingers along her slit to see how wet she is.
And then talking about paddling her with your new wooden paddle and marking her boobs with the riding crop to fingering her butt.
And then I move to the next stage and have her lube the dildo and fuck herself with it. And finally putting the vibe on her clit. I see how she reacts. If she is moaning, I know she wants more and is likely to come. If not, I figure she is not cuming that night and I stop and talking about cuddling her, holding her tight and putting my leg between her legs and rubbing my knee against her cunt, which she loves. And then I put her to bed.
I don't do all these things every night. Sometimes, I skip some elements of the ritual because I don't want to wear her out. But whether she cums or not, I love doing some kind of ritual nightly. I feel it makes us feel closer and even more connected, which is especially important in an LDR. She said recently she needs to be when I need her to be. Her saying that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love her serving me.



  1. Hurrah for both of you...your nightly ritual keep both of you engaged and close..not an easy thing to do in a LDR...
    hugs abby

  2. Where the time is spent defines what will be successful. You are spending time together and that will lead to a long lasting marriage. So nice to see you doing things sexual things that work for both of you.

  3. Oh bless, it must be so difficult to be apart so much. I feel for you
    love Jan, xx

  4. Hi FD, I love that you have a ritual to keep you connected and especially that you adapt this depending on the responses from your girl.

    It must be so hard being apart and even more important to retain the connection when not physically together.