Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Old spanker learning new tricks

Back when I posted more often, I mentioned that real life spanking is more difficult than fantasy. Like getting her butt a nice shade of red and want er to enjoy it but don't want to really hurt her. 
And I finally did something recently
that was so obvious I can't figure out why I didn't think of it b.efore. After spanking for a while, I said have you had enough and she said NO,
Communication is always good.
It was long ago that she told me she liked her pussy being spanked as part of foreplay although it is too sensitive for more than light taps.
So do any of you liked to be asked if you want more or does that spoil the mood for you?



  1. I don't like to be asked. It takes me out of my head and breaks the mood. This is a time when I don't want to make decisions or be in control.

  2. My wife does the spanking in our household and asking is not even considered. She states I'm a slow learner and she is a determined teacher.

  3. Hi FD, I don't think I've been asked during a spanking and do think it would detract from proceedings for me. However, I have had Rick say afterwards "it wasn't enough was it" said as a statement rather than a question which has resulted in a do-over.