Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Female Condoms

The AP had a story about a woman in Washington who several days a week stands behind a bowl decorated with flavored condoms and safer sex pamphlets, calling to women on the street, "Come and check out my table. Don't be scared.''

She's part of a city wide effort in Washington to promote female condoms in the hope of slowing the spread of HIV. CVS is selling them but says sales are slow and community groups are handing out 500,000.

One 24-year-old was described as saying they don't irritate her body like latex condoms and are easy to use and, "It's better than any condom I've used yet.''

They have posters on buses that feature a cuddling couple and a female condom package with the words, "the female condom with pleasure points for her and him -- to tease, please and protect. Go on, give it a try.''

They are described as flexible pouches that are wider than a male condom, but similar in length.

So I thought I'd ask the women in the audience. Have you ever used one, would you consider it and would you recommend it to your teen daughter if you have one?

Your thoughts!!



  1. I think the more choices a woman has to protect herself the better!

    I've never used them , but my sister ( AIDS activist and social worker) says they are a great choice.
    She always has a box of various condoms in her car and I know she gave some of them to my kids a few years ago.. don't have any report from them!

  2. I went on the pill when I met Nick and that was the only type of birth control we ever used. Having only been with him STD's weren't an issue for us. In fact the only time I even saw a condom was when I was pretty sure I was through menopause and went off the pill until tests confirmed it.

    So I know nothing about this product but anything that will protect my daughter from unwanted pregnancy and STD's has my firm approval!!


  3. I have tried one once. Because it was polyethylene rather than latex it felt like I was wearing a plastic bag. I got them to use with big guys as condoms don't fit them, i think this could be the best thing about them. Not so sure that it would be very pleasant using one with a small penis as there would be more of the condom that the guy.

  4. Female condoms came out in the UK (I think)about20 years ago and were not widely used as they thought they would be. If I'm correct they have to be used before intercourse has started as it's possible a man's sperm can be present in his pre-come fluid, which he secretes as he gets sexually excited.

    I agree with Nancy, the more choices a women has the better protected she can be.


  5. nancy: yes, choices are good.

    PK: yes, we always want to protect our daughters.

    doll: yes, you always want more of the guy than the condom.


  6. Many years ago, I tried something called a Femidom, which I think is similar if not the same thing as a female condom. It was a hassle getting it in place and I was informed it was like having sex with a carrier bag lol!

    Would I have recommended it to my daughters when they were teenagers? No, because my own experience tells me that the difficulty in placement and lack of enthusiasm from the opposite sex could see an attempt at usage being abandoned and therefore no protection during the encounter. They both carried male condoms in their purses and never had an issue, a pregnancy or a STD.

  7. Ronnie: Yes, Nancy was right that choices are good.

    shape shifter: Thanks for the insight and congrats to your daughters for protecting themselves.


  8. I have never seen or used the female condom. I have always used the male version.

    Please keep handing them out...to ALL girls. That was ALWAYS something in our house my girls had access to. We bought them and kept it stocked. We weren't stupid about them having sex but we wanted them to be SAFE no matter what.


  9. Have used them awkward at first and not for upright sex taking them out without a mess need a technique of twisting. In Uk they were marketed as femidom, however there are several other brands including pantie like ones.( I enjoyed those) Disadvatage is he can "miss" the part he is supposed to enter which defeats the object and definitely Ok for horizontal or doggy but not in other positions. Advantage larger men feel more comfortable inside. I agree useful to have around but personally prefer the male version nowadays including the extra long ones.