Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stress Time

I just looked at the calendar and Christmas Eve is two weeks from Friday. Two weeks!!! So little time and so much to do.

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of peace and joy, but why does it seem to be a time of stress and worry? How do you cope with the stress of getting everything done? Or are you one of those organized types who has everything done?

And are you so stressed that you don't get much play time at this time of year? Or is that a stress reliever for you?

Hope you will share your thoughts.



  1. In past years i was so amazingly organized that i never stressed over it. My shopping was done weeks in advance, my decorating was done the day after thanksgiving and all was set to happen on specified days at certain times.

    Fast forward to this year...

    I have no shopping done, through the course of a move i have lost all of my Christmas stuff and i feel completely in the dark. My way of dealing with this year is pretending that it isn't happening.

    I say... Christmas, what's that?

  2. I have been putting play in front of Christmas this year and any day now I am going to have to pay the price. Both in stress and money, lol!

  3. Used to have a reason to be organized but divorce simplifies things so much...his family was huge. Of course the money is not there now so I will buy my 3 gifts after Dec. 25th as we have decided to celebrate Epiphany instead this year. Hey, don't laugh it is the 12th day of Christmas!

  4. No stress. No decorations. I'm enjoying the ones other people put their energy into!

    No gifts this year - just two days of Fuck Toy's Cookie Factory! Going to give gift baskets of cookies this year.

    Why stress when we can have fun and enjoy each other? Isn't that what this time of year is for? I suggest eliminating everything non-essential and just focusing on the want-to's.

    Master quotes some Buddhist sage and says: "Only do what you want to do. Don't do anything you don't want to do."

    Living authentically during the Holiday season and only doing what we want. Wouldn't that make life simpler and more enjoyable???

    Maybe not - I'd never go to work and spend all day *ahem* teasing my Master into 24/7 frenzies!



  5. Much the opposite of Constantly Waiting, I have in past years been very unorganized, stressed and last minute with just about everything except the tree. The tree goes up the day after's tradition. It may not get decorated until a few weeks afterwards...but it must go up. Ha!

    However, this year I got my act together, put together a actual list on paper, and headed out on Black Friday for the first time ever. I purchased every gift over that weekend. On the flip side of shopping, I haven't decorated one inch as we will not be staying home for Christmas this year. Like Fucktoy, I am enjoying everyone else's holiday spirit!

    So I would have to say that this year has been very stress free...leaving Lots and Lots of time for fun and games! ;)

    Happy Holiday's to you if I don't make it back by before then.


  6. Thank goodness for internet shopping !!

    This is the first year I think that I have almost all my shopping done early. Just some stocking stuffers for my overgrown children and then getting a tree.

    I haven't had my "fun" to relieve my stress unfortunately... but... I guess that's why I have so much done already.

    Hope you get to de-stress !

  7. FD Sir,

    This holiday has been a mixed bag for mouse, partially severely organized and partially feeling like there's not enough time to get everything done. Actually mouse has been feeling a little frustrated lately on the sexual side of things but hopefully that will improve soon.

    This weekend hopefully, mouse will have a tree up...even if we have to get in the snow.


  8. FD, I was just talking to someone about this very thing. As an adult it gets hard to enjoy the lead up to Christmas when it is so stressful. To minimize the stress I try to have a shopping list ready by Thanksgiving and take care of it asap. A little play time stress relief doesn't hurt either... (well, actually I guess it does hurt, but you know what I mean).

  9. Can't stop now to organise Christmas..already fitted a play into my day!
    busy busy busy.. ;-))


  10. I finished shopping early, so it wouldn't affect service time to Goddess. Now I can focus on her and helping her with her plans and needs. The only stress is hosting and entertaining visiting family...but that's what gin is for :-)

  11. FD,
    You know me better than that. I don't stress very often. Mollie and I will put up the tree this Saturday. Bake a little if we feel like it. I think the thing that makes my holidays stress free is the fact that all the family we spend time with gets along well. Everybody's pretty laid back and planning to enjoy themselves. I hope you get to do the same.


  12. I'm no organiser when it comes to Christmas. Never really start shopping until about now. Decorations will go up sometimes this weekend probably.

    I think less playtime is not so much because of stress but time everyone has. As you said so much to do.


  13. We had Christmas a few weeks ago, right around the same time people were celebrating Hanukkah actually. Mostly because of our delicate situation going on right now, but also because I was prepared. I finished my shopping the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

    I've never been so organized in my life, and I hope this is a new habit that continues for years!

    No stress. Just great planning.

  14. WHen I was working retail and on call for IT for 7 locs I *hated* this time of year and it was basically I drank my way through it. Now that I am a SAHM (stay at home mom / slave attending her Master) I feel much more laid back and able to enjoy (though honestly I am still working throught the issues of expecting the stress just from being accustomed to it).