Friday, December 24, 2010

Things You Find Out at Christmas Time

Did you know you can't just one carrot? At least not at the supermarket we shop at. We needed a carrot for the grandkids to leave for the reindeer and they said they only sold them in a bag. Now we have a bag of carrots.

Still so good to enjoy Christmas with the grandkids and see them tossing reindeer food on the front lawn. At 7 and 8, we don't have many Santa years left.

Another thing I learned is not to get careless and forget getting a flu shot. Sure enough, this week I got the flu or some virus. Talk about bad timing.

Anyway, I was still able to count my blessings this holiday season and hope you and yours are having the best of times. And if life does leave you with some lemons, hope you can make lemonade.



  1. I make very good lemonade! :-D Glad you're having a good holiday with the grandkids... and... well out here you can buy carrots individually. Go figure!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Do you have a dog or cat? When I was a child we would always find a few of Santa's whiskers on the hearth, next to the plate of half eaten cookies. I never did equate the little bald place on the dogs belly with those whiskers, until my mom fessed up.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, FD!

  3. Merry Christmas and get well soon!

  4. You are the second person this week who has told me they couldn't buy just one carrot. I wonder if the other one was for the reindeer too. And I am sooooos stuffed up and sore-throat-y today. Sucks. But it's still Chriatmas. Have a great one!

  5. Happy holidays- hope you are feeling better. My kids are past Santa at 10 & 14 but I am off to enjoy my nephews ages 2 & 3....

  6. Merry Christmas FD :) Best wishes to you and yours :) And 'Get Thee To A Flu Shot Giver!', Huggs, CD

  7. FD,
    I surely hope you are feeling better now. I know you are excited watching the grandkids. I hope all your Christmas wishes came true. We got a white Christmas for the first time in over 60 years. So pretty. I'll be in touch soon.


  8. Merry Christmas and Get Well wishes to you.
    Enjoy your grandchildren ~~ little ones make this time of year so magical.

    It may be too late for a flu shot but check with your Doc~~