Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Question

In recent posts, I've discussed why men pay for sex and why women don't.

Well, one blogger commented that men regularly ask her if they can pay her for sex.

I was kind of surprised by that. I couldn't imagine doing that. So I was immediately curious if any of our readers have had that experience. So I figured it would be another good question to pose to the readers.

And while talking about paying, I thought I'd add the story about the one time a woman asked to pay me for a service. Alas, it wasn't for sex. It was for playing tennis. I was on the support staff at the Army War College where a couple of hundred colonels were taking classes. So rank didn't mean as much as at a normal military base because they weren't commanding troops. Anyway, somehow this colonel's wife sent word she was looking for an enlisted man to play tennis with her to practice for her women's matches and was willing to pay. Since I was one of the few tennis players, the word got to me and we met. But I declined the money. I just like playing tennis and was happy to have someone to play. I said let's hit and if she could play, we'd just play. And she was and we did. So I blew my one chance to get a woman to pay me for something. LOL.

Got a tad off topic but I will be curious to see if asking women to pay them for sex is unusual.



  1. Yes i have had men tell me that they will "take care" of me financially. Pay my bills, give me access to their credit cards, and all i need to do is be their slave at beckon call. So i think that counts as "paying for sex". I am certain there are many submissive woman out there looking for exactly that, but oh well, not this one!

  2. I have had men ask me to take money for sex many times in my life.

    I have had just as many men act righteous about paying only for their share just as frequently.


  3. Histoy: I agree that for a submissive, it shouldn't be a cash relationship.

    Roots: I guess it can go from one extreme to the other. I may pose a question about whether women who are dating want to pay half.