Sunday, July 17, 2011


In her blog, Velvet wrote very well about his Master's hands.
Here is the link:

She wrote among other things, "He has held me with them, touching, caressing and hugging me with them, from the moment he came through the door.

"He has gently steered me with them, guiding me to my knees, positioning my own hands, my body, my mouth for his enjoyment.''

You can read the rest on her blog, but it got me to thinking of the thoughts of the women who stop by here have about the hands of the man in their life.

I hope you share you thoughts about his hands and how he uses them when he plays with you.



  1. Ohhh I just love my Masters hands... they are definitely Man Hands... i see so much of what i adore about him in his hands! The strength and the tenderness...And at night when he holds me in them, i know i am safe, and i am loved....

  2. I think about his hands, remembering the first time he unzipped my jeans. His hand sliding down. His other hand held me by my hair so that I looked into his eyes when he discovered how wet he made me.

    I think about that moment when I think of him.

    Thanks for reminding me :)

  3. Histoy: It is nice you feel safe and loved in his hands.

    SBF: You welcome for the reminder. What a wonderful memory.


  4. My Master is so talented with his hands...he can be fixing a car, a swingset, building a bookcase, typing at lightning speed when he's writing a document/program/letter, making pancakes for our kids on Sunday mornings, building a treehouse for our kids, and best of all the memories of him using his hands to push my knees apart so he can give us both pleasure.

  5. This is quite timely, haha. I just posted an erotica on my blog yesterday and this post brings to mind what I described, especially the part where both parties uses their hands to fondle/caress each other.

  6. Lash is also very much a "hands on" guy. He seldom uses an implement to spank and is quite talented in giving pleasure, too. I love it when we hold hands while walking or when he gently guides me. Good topic!

  7. I'm always surprised at how large Sir's hands are when mine are next to his.
    He uses them with no effort at all.. to give me pleasure or pain.
    We hold hands often when we are together; it makes me feel so safe.

  8. I think it is firmly established that I love M's hands!! I also love that they are an extension of His mind... that most deeply erotic and sensual organ. Everything He does with His hands reinforces our roles, reinforces our connection, reinforces our harmony. Dom and sub in perfect balance...In His Hands.

    Thank you FD for the link and your comments,


    Velvet <3

  9. His hands are strong. Mine are tiny, like kid hands, my wrists very thin, tho the rest of me is not (smiles. He can circle both wrists with one hand, and pinch my breasts, or tickle me, or finger fuck me...and i can't move because of the strength in those hands. They fist in my hair and pull my head back, and can also gently smooth a stray hair back in place.
    He can cup a tit, grab an ankle, or a forefinger across my lips to silence my babbling mouth.
    His hands are his second best feature,behind his brain.