Friday, December 7, 2012

BDSM's 12 Days of Christmas

I posted a version of the BDSM version of the 12 Days of Christmas this last year but I think it's appropriate at this time of year. Here's the link:

Meanwhile, I can't believe Christmas is two weeks from this coming Tuesday. So much to do -- gifts to buy and cards to address -- and so little time.

Which reminds me if you don't watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he did a spoof on the idea that there is a War on Christmas. He said Christmas has obviously won if there is such a war because it seems to have already swallowed up Thanksgiving Day. It's pretty funny if you want to google it.



  1. I just hope that there is another payday between now and then. Yikes. This year is going to be slim.

    1. I'll second the slim part, tho I fear now that things will be "slim" for the next four years.

      It's funny, counting down until Christmas, the end of the world, and the fiscal cliff all at once, although, I don't see much difference between the last two lol. Both potentially the end of the world, just different names. Oh, that and I am more worried about the latter of the two.