Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My last post on strapless dresses made me think that it would be interesting to discuss cleavage.

It seems to me that women tend to wear outfits that show a lot more cleavage than they used to -- even if they're at the grocery story.

So I thought it'd be interesting to ask our readers if they like to show cleavage or don't. Or are they self -conscious about showing it and what do they think when guys check them out or don't make eye contact because they're looking right at their chests? Are you flattered, annoyed or what?

And does your age affect your attitude? Were you more comforftable showing cleavage when you were younger. Or if you are young, what is your attitude?

And if you are well endowed -- or not -- does that affect your attitude about showing cleavage?

Your thoughts?



  1. As I've gotten older I care about it less. When I was a bit younger, I showed a lot more cleavage. I liked the attention I guess you can say. The older I get the more I notice men will notice me in outfits that maybe doesn't show as much as before and that's just fine with me. I still do and have no problem showing my chest and sometimes it's quite fun to see the reaction you can get from it. To each his own, right?

  2. I just wish I had some! I'd be flashing cleav any chance I got! (I'm 37 so it's not likely I'm a late bloomer.) Here's my TMI: I plan on nursing my next kid as long as sanely possible, just for the boobs!
    Last thought: wrinkled, sun-spotted cleavage is just a no-go. Betcha see a lot of that your way.

  3. I'm not very well-endowed, but that's what they invented the push-up bra for! I like showing some cleavage. It makes me feel sexy and confident. Cleavage can be pretty sexy, but there are definitely times where it looks out of place or just plain icky. I find it very uncomfortable to see anyone older than my mother flaunting her cleavage lol.

    Oh, and I really think that some people need a lesson on how cleavage should be done. Cleavage isn't about wearing a shirt that's 3 sizes too small and trying to cram yourself into it, so that your nipples are just barely covered and everyone around you is concerned that if you make any sudden movement you're going to pop right out. I have seen that look all too often at bars and clubs in the summer months. Ugh.

  4. I like to wear sweaters, shirts, blouses that show off my cleavage more now than when I was younger.

    When younger I was more confident about my legs whereas I am not so now. Therefore, my cleavage has taken over somewhat and with the right bra on (or not) I am happier to show my cleavage, at work, at the shops or in a bar. Maybe its my age?

    I also think it may be more fashionable to show cleavage currently but I may not be right on that one?


  5. You remind me of a little story my husband came home with recently:

    He was in a food store waiting to be served beside a woman who was wearing a top that showed a great deal of cleavage. He obviously looked at her breasts because she said:

    "Are you looking at my breasts?"

    in an accusatory way.

    "Yes," he replied.

    She wasn't expecting that answer obviously because she blushed, looked up and chose not to say another word.

    I have to confess, we all laughed. What did she expect him to say?

  6. Madchen: Yes, to each his own. And good to hear you enjoy the reaction you get.

    Mad woman: No problem if you don't have much to show. Big isn't always better. And good luck breastfeeding your next kid for a long time for the boobs. And, yes, in Florida, we see a lot of cleavage, wrinkled or not. And, hey, even wrinkled can be interesting!!!!

    TrueBlue: Yes, push up bras can make your cleavage look good. And you don't have to be well endowed to have nice cleavage. And, yes, cleavage is best when it's done in good taste.

    Jayne: Yes, cleavage seems to be more in fashion. BTW, you still have nice legs from your pictures.

    Vesta: Loved that story. I still try to be discreet when I'm checking out cleavage but don't women who show a lot of it want to be checked out?


  7. LOL! I didn't have any cleavage when I was younger. I think I went straight from flat chested to fat, then I tried to cover everything up. Since coming out to Nick and losing some weight I do have a few outfits that show come cleavage. Mollie fusses when I do and I doubt anyone is really looking but Nick but he seems to like it.


  8. The issue with my tits is not so much cleavage as it is nipples. They advertise their presence. Men think they are VERY hot. I inherited them from my mom, and at nearly 90 hers are still pretty exclamatory. My sister is jealous that I the got the good stuff. I got the delicious tits and great hair. She got my dad's nose.

    I used to feel really self-conscious about how those nipples insisted on calling attention to themselves, but I always hated wearing a padded bra ever since I was a teenager, when my mom said it would "make my clothes fit better." (I was pretty flat.) And you know what? Unless I wear 3 inches of foam rubber in my bra, those headstrong nipples still manage to break through.

    Now I'm 61 and I've decided not to worry about it any more. People have breasts. Breasts come with nipples. Get used to it. If it bothers you, that's your problem.

  9. Hi FD,

    It's never been much of a dilemma for me. I have always been lacking in the boobage department. The passing of years hasn't made much difference.


  10. PK: The important thing is that Nic seems to like it.

    Oatmealgirl: Glad to see you've come to terms with your nipples. Not surprising that men thought they were hot all along.

    Bonnie: You're a great example that boobs don't make the woman since I like to call you the Godmother of the spanking blogs. And you've got a butt that seems to come with a sign that ays, "spank me.'' What more could you ask for?


  11. All mags now seem to have women showing cleavage. Never bothered me, I've never been well endowed up top.

    Happy to say P is a bottoms man not a tits man.


  12. I have a big chest. I do show cleavage now, mostly because Sir has made me proud of my tits, not something to be hidden. As a very young teen i was extremely endowed, and was constantly teased by family members about it. Hated them. Now, at 51, i've made my peace, and am happy with who i am, and what i have. *smiles*
    offended? hell no! if someone oogles my cleavage, then i'm going to be flattered.


  13. Ronnie: Sounds as if P likes what you have.

    vanillamom: Good to see that Sir has made you proud of your tits. A shame that you were teased as a young teen. And how nice that you're flattered if they check you out.


  14. I love showing off my cleavage. I used to run the school PTA and the headmaster could never take his eyes of me. I should have asked for discounted fees lol

  15. I'm uncomfortable with it. I prefer having conversations without my girls being an issue. Besides, I'm a tomboy. And I normally wear skull t-shirts and tight leopard print pants or something punk or goth-y. Never been into it. I somehow don't find it flattering. I'd rather have men be interested in what I'm saying, rather than my boobs.

  16. I only have cleavage to show if I have a bra that assists. I enjoy wearing tops that outline my breasts and hint at the pleasure to be had from them.

  17. I have a 36 D bust size.

    I dress conservatively most of the time unless wearing a cocktail dress or going clubbing. In every day life (work, play, activities) I never show cleavage. I guess it's just a habit of mine from my strict, puritanical upbringing.

    However, I don't mind seeing nice cleavage. :-)