Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wearing High Heels

I was leaving a party last week and a young woman stumbled a bit in her high heels party shoes and eventually took them off and just walked barefoot in the street even though it was wet from rain.

Her date/boyfriend/husband (didn't check if she had a wedding ring) was playfully needling her about men would never wear such uncomfortable shoes and she said they were fine for a couple of hours.

So I thought it would be interesting to have a topic on high heels. Do you like wearing them because they make your legs look good? Do you not like them regardless and/or rarely wear them. And if you think you have nice legs, are you more likely to wear them? And if you do have nice legs, do you like to show them off.

Incidentally, at a press conference last week, Drew Brees' wife accepted an award for her husband and then sat on a stool with her dress hiked up all the way up her thighs. She has nice legs and obviously likes to show them off.

Anyway, thought it would be interesting to get some viewpoints on wearing high heels and showing off your legs.

Let us know what you think.



  1. I love the thought of high heels. I have a few pairs and when I wear them I feel like a million bucks but that is so far a few between. I am a klutz on my best days and anything too high is an invitation for a broken ankle or worse. Not to mention the pain. I envy women who run around the office in stilettos all day - not me, flats and the occasional wedge heel to be safe.

  2. I like the look but I'm not willing to wear them often. They are destroyers of posture, lower back, feet and ankles.

    I have learned that there's a difference in quality in heels and if I'm going to indulge, I need to buy good (read expensive) ones. They look the same as the less expensive ones and I have no idea what the engineering difference is but my merciful, there's a distinct difference.

  3. I never wear high heels, I am tall enough already. and I seldom show my legs, but that's just me.

  4. FD,
    You are making me feel old. I have worn some high heels in the past and i think that they made my legs look hot!! Mollie tells me over and over that its all about looks - not comfort.

    But I have to disagree with her. Now you can usually find me in tennis shoes, flip-flop sandals in the summer. It's not that I don't want to look good for Nick but I know when we are out together he will have a much happier companion if my feet don't hurt and I'm not worried about breaking my neck!


  5. To David: Funniest thing I've read in a long time. What a cutie!

  6. I'm much like Aurore. I looooove the way my legs look in high heels, but I am a gigantic klutz and manage to have an extraordinary number of accidents just walking around in flats. I am definitely one of those girls that you've described who will wear heels to a party and then take them off halfway through, or at least for the walk home. I recently got a great pair of heels that my master likes a lot, so once the weather warms up I'm sure I'll be wearing them more frequently.

  7. Oh I love heels would never wear anything else but sadly not for me any more. Mind you I do have a pair that I use in the house for play :)

    For me now small heels, flats, sandals and trainers


  8. i tend to go in-between. i don't wear tennis shoes for daily wear 95% of the time (unless it's called for). But, i can't tote around little kids in stilettos either. So, i go for the small heels, wedges, ballet flats, things that are basically girly shoes but still practical enough to wear everyday. When wearing heels for dressing up, it definitely adds to the package of feeling pretty and ladylike.

  9. As a guy, I think ulta-high heels look STUPID on women. Or, the 'clog heel' - clog bottom and then a heel. One woman wore them and was almost as tall as me and "taller" with her high-hair style. She tried looking smug, but I calmly told her to take them off and show the world just how SHORT she was. They added about 5 to 6".

    I'm also one who laughed at Prince trying to run around on stage wearing heels and his high hair style to look tall. Unless you are wearing a black catsuit and matching heels, or the right attire, they look hideous!

  10. I LOVE high heels! As a school teacher I wear flats all day. but at night and on weekends I wear any of the scores of pairs of stilettoes I have in the closet. My boyfriend particularly likes for me to wear high heels and nothing else while I'm being punished.
    Jean Marie

  11. For us short people wearing high heels is a must just to be normal height. My husband didnt see me without heels until we had dated 6 months and even then he had to steal them and threaten to not give them back til I stood up!! LOL

    Unfortunately, they also aren't good for knees, back and feet so hence I had to give them up as I aged. Luckily my husband thought I was cuter short so I was fine. I do still have my patent leather black and red high heels for those nights when we "play". They will always be around!

  12. It's not even so much showing off my legs. I love heels even under jeans. However, with this five-times sprained ankle, heels aren't feasible for more than a couple of hours.
    Plus, when I wear heels, I can't just put out my hand and grab the door handle anymore. I either have to remember to bend down or I stand there, flailing my hand pointlessly an inch or two above handle height. That's just irksome.

  13. I wear heels on dressy occasions only, which includes dinners and dates as well as weddings and the like. If I want to go casual but still cute, I wear my knee-high boots with jeans or a skirt. The problem is if I wear heels for longer then a couple hours, my feet KILL! If I'm running around town doing errands or somesuch, you'll probably just find me in sneakers.

  14. ...and I accidentally pressed send before I was done. Teehee. What I meant to say was that I don't really worry about showing off my legs - I don't have any problems with them, I just think I have better features. So wearing heels when I do is more just to be dressy and feminine, not to show myself off and feel sexy. I wear other things for that.

  15. I looove any kind of cute shoes, and I'd like to wear heels more, but my feet start hurting and swelling, so I can only wear them a couple of hours at most. For me, it's not about showing my legs off, I think those are pretty average at best, but wearing heels makes me feel sexy and feminine and I think they look great with anything from jeans to dresses. Mostly, though, you'll find me running around in sandals and short wedges, because that's what's most comfortable.

  16. I think they're evil... I wore them for the first and last time when I was 14... took a spill down a flight of stairs and sprained my ankle and haven't worn them since. I'm kinda glad, though. As a few people have already mentioned, they're horrible on your joints and no good for your posture.


  17. i wear flat shoes most days. Sir's one major requirement was heels...but...since i am rarely *standing* in them...it's just not a problem...(wink)

    ps...they do make my short legs look good, even at my age! i feel very sexy in them....

  18. I wear shoes that flatter my feet and legs. I try not to wear a lot of high heels because they just kill my feet.

    Master on the other hand, LOVES me to wear heels. But for the most doesn't care what is on my feet as long as I'm ready to go when he is.


  19. I have great legs, even now that I'm much heavier. My Master noticed how good-looking they are when I was lying naked on the futon. No shoes at all. No nothing at all. Can't remember if at the time he was flogging me or caning me or what he was up to. Except for one afternoon recently, he only sees me naked. But when he will eventually order me to meet him someplace to fulfill a certain plan he has for me, I suspect he will want me in heels.

    And that will need a bit of work. Because all I wear are Birkenstocks and Danskos. Or rather, that's all my feet wear. That's all they are willing to wear. They are very bossy. Very demanding. Very insistent, and rather sadistic, as they will torture me unmercifully if I dare to disobey them.

    I do have one pair of very cute heels made by Dansko (the clog people). They don't look at all like clogs! But the heel isn't very high and it's is quite solid. And, equally as important, there's none of this pointy toe nonsense. Like all my other shoes, they accommodate my feet in a very hospitable manner.

    My Master is a very big man and I am fairly short. He seems quite satisfied at forcing me to look up to him...

  20. Hi FD,

    I always wear them during the day and have done so since I was in my teens (long long time ago).They just make me feel much more womanly, dont really know why, and I am happier in my clothes when I am wearing heels.

    Cant really imagine not wearing them but who knows, getting older maybe it will soon be time to reconsider.

    My master makes me wear them sometimes (quite often really) and thats when I dont like it.

    Such is life eh FD?

    Jayne xx

  21. As others have pointed out. heels are wonderful but not friendly items to one's body.

    I love to wear them ; I enjoy the way they make my legs look and feel. There is just something very sexy about how I feel wearing them.

    However.. they are not good for my back or feet. I have many pairs and only wear them for very limited moments.. walking across the room for a special man, perhaps~

  22. This topic seemed to stir a lot of interest Sorry I didn't reply sooner.

    Aurore: It's great that you feel like a million bucks in them even even you don't wear them often.

    Doll: Interesting that the expensive ones are better for you.

    PK: Not surprising Mollie thinks it is all about looks, not comfort. Her opinion may change over the years.

    David and Vesta: Yes, that was a good line by David.

    True Blue: If your Master likes them, I assume you will be wearing them more often.

    Ronnie: Well, at least you can use them for play.

    daisy: Not surprising you like heels for dressing up, but, yes, they don't go with toting around little kids.

    Dave The Rave: I thought most men liked women in high heels but I guess you're the exception.

    Anon: Wearing high heels and nothing else while being punished sounds interesting. Do you have a blog, Jean Marie? It would be fun reading about that scene.

    Janet: At least you can enjoy them when you play. And interesting that you didn't let your husband see you without them for six month while you were dating.

    Jz: I can understand you can only take the heels for a cuople of hours.

    Maggie: Heels do go with dressy occasional. And it'd be interesting to hear what you wear when you want to show yoruself off and feel sexy.

    Butterfly: I understand they make you feel sexy and feminine even if you can only go a couple of hours in them.

    Spirited one: Sorry to hear about that experience.

    Nilla: Great that you feel sexy in them, especially when you're not standing in them. (wink). I get it.

    Mouse: That's a typical problem that they kill your feet.

    Oatmeal girl: Congrats on the great legs and I guess when you're naked most of the time, you don't have to worry aboutg shoes.

    Jaynes Master: Yes, that's life. What Master wants, Master gets.

    Nancy: I can imagine walking across the room for that special man is better in heels.

    Again, thanks for all the comments and keep them coming.


  23. Hi Flo Dom! You've been so kind to comment on my blog and so I thought I'd pop over.
    I would love to wear heels more often if I could find some that fit w/out pinching.
    At the moment, they're only worn in the bedroom.
    Shame too, b/c they're damn cute.

  24. Well, personally, being a medium height woman with long legs, yes, i love to show them off. I have a tendancy of wearing heels a lot, and skirts for that matter. I work in an office so it works for me. I feel so much more feminine in them and I just love the way it makes my legs look. I even wear them with pants. I understand how most people would, over time, get tired of the tiny bit of pain that they may cause but honestly a lot of women in my family, even as they get older, wear them. I see myself doing the same thing. When I'm home doing what ever needs to get done I may not being wearing them as much, but I wear some sort of heel with a good height as much as possible. :)

  25. Hmmm.... I saw one of my students out one night wearing a pair of those shoes that scream, 'fuck me now'... she wasn't that stable on them and I warned her to be careful... the next week at school, she had her lower leg in a cast... yup... she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her leg... of course she looked hot in the cast too!!!


  26. I love high heels on me and others though I find they get uncomfortable at times. I'm not big on my legs but Master loves them which is what counts. I certainly avoid high heels in the winter!

  27. I wear high heels as often as I can. Sure makes a woman look sexier. It's also a great turn-on when other wear them. My advice to all women is "Don't stop wearing them!"


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