Thursday, February 18, 2010

Strapless Wedding Dresses

In today's Annie's Mailbox, there was a comment from a woman answering a wedding photographer who advises brides, especially well endowed ones, not to wear strapless dresses.

A woman replied, "I was a size 18 when I married and proudly wore a beautiful strapless gown. It all comes down to the fit. My dress was tailored beautifully and I wore the correct corset to support my cleavage. I agree that if you are not comfortable in a dress, it will come across in the pictures. So, ladies, choose a style that flatters your shape and makes you feel special.''

I can imagine everybody would agree with her second sentence. But what do you think about strapless wedding dresses -- and even strapless dresses in general -- and did you wear a strapless dress on your wedding day and do you like them on other brides?

Your thoughts?



  1. I love strapless dresses, but they tend to slip down from time to time. You have to have the perfect one. I think I'd prefer something with straps or sleeves for my wedding, just to make sure there isn't any slipping. That could be bad!


  2. The only women who should wear strapless wedding dresses are the women who feel sexy and beautiful in strapless dresses.

    The rest of us need to make other arrangements. I might have the 'body type" the photographer would approve of for a strapless dress but I'd feel awkward, undressed and I just KNOW I'd hunch my shoulders.

    All brides need to feel beautiful on their day.

  3. I think strapless dresses are attractive, however my wedding gown had little sleeves which came off the shoulder. I would say that as long as a bride or women in general feel comfortable and beautiful in their wedding gowns, dresses, or clothes it shows in their attitude.


  4. My dress was essentially strapless -- and I am not now -- nor have I ever been a tiny girl.

    My dress was stunning

    the photos were awesome.

    But I had some industrial strength undergarments -- there was no chance in hell of slumping -- or moving my spine.

    girls should wear what they want

    if I ever marry again -- I'm wearing jeans and a sweatshirt....

  5. Strapless wedding dresses really irritate me. I know that sounds judgmental, and I DO agree that brides should wear what they feel beautiful in, whatever that may be. But it's funny you should bring this topic up, because the whole strapless wedding gown thing is one of my pet peeves. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that it came into fashion, and now practically EVERY wedding dress is strapless. It's like the only style out there now. Not that I'm in the market, but let's see some variety please!

  6. A bride should feel a million dollars when she walks down that isle (or stand in front of the registrar) so she should wear whatever she wants, whatever strapless or not.

    Personally I don't feel comfortable in strapless dresses or any dress to be honest, I'm more than happy in trouser suits and jeans :)


  7. Amazingly, I didn't give my dress 2 thoughts. It was a pattern that was used for my sister's wedding (as bridesmaid) and I just had it made in white for mine. Not strapless.
    But looking at the pictures is when I felt like a princess....all because of my prince charming.

  8. I think they should wear whatever makes them feel beautiful and special on that day, no matter of size. I chose not to wear strapless.

  9. Kelsi: I can imagine a bride wouldn't want to worry about slipping in her wedding day.

    Doll: No doubt the key is for brides to feel beautiful on their big days.

    Kitten: I think you're right that if brides feel beautiful, it shows in their attitudes.

    sfp: If you dress was stunning and the photos were awesome, you should share them on your site. I guess the next time, you want to be more informal.

    Butterfly: I didn't realize most gowns are strapless these days.

    Ronnie: Good way to put it. A bride should feel like a million dollars.

    Mad woman: Great that your prince charming makes you feel like a princess.

    Katia: Yes, a woman should wear what makes her feel beautiful.


  10. I wouldn't wear one myself, simply because I don't feel comfortable in them, but I think people should wear what they want.