Thursday, July 17, 2014

My good girl is on her way

My good girl just texted she is at the gate waiting to board the plane for her latest visit. Yes, after six long weeks, we will spend a weekend together. We wish it could be longer -- she has to leave Sunday -- but we cherish our moments together. And she's had some stress at work so it will be good to get away and get my stress removers.
We will be doing some vanilla stuff -- cuddling, watching our favorite TV shows,, visiting the beach and an arts festival, having coffee on the lanai, walking on the grass in the backyard on our bare feet and showering together..
And, of course, there will be spankings and pins and nipple suckers on her boobs as she is SSO -- my abbreviation for her serving, submitting and obeying.
My tennis matches were rained out the last three days and she joked my swinging arm might be a bit rusty. But I think I will be ready, She seems to like the take the pain for me although I still struggle with how much is just right.
 If you read poured out on my blog roll, she would like to do some decorating with a coastal themed d├ęcor until she came to a stop when she found a paddle headboard. She posted a picture of it. That may be a bit too coastal.
She will also do her quiet time each evening as she focuses on her submission.
And then one of my favorite activities is spreading her pussy lips and seeing how pink and juicy they are as they await my use. Those lips are so so sexy.
And I turn down the air conditioning so it is hotter than normal and she doesn't feel the need to wear many clothes.
We will pack as much fun as we can into the next three days
FD . 


  1. Enjoy...i am sure you will:)
    hugs abby

  2. I know you are both looking forward to this. I hope it's a fantastic weekend!

  3. Have a great time!

  4. FD,

    Have a wonderful weekend together.


  5. So happy for you both FD, have a wonderful weekend together.


  6. You make the absolute best of the time you have together! Enjoy every minute of it!!
    XOXO Pearl

  7. Wonderful! I'm happy for you guys. Looking forward to anything you might share about your time together. Enjoy!

  8. I love that you shared how you will spend the time with her. Sounds like a perfect visit. :)


  9. Fabulous! It is about time you had a weekend.. I'm sure you'll both have a great time.
    I have to say that your way of making her want to go around naked is a novel one! I won't tell Sir.. he would enjoy that himself!