Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kids watching their parents kiss

Here's a funny photo of two kids covering their eyes when their parents kiss. If you have young kids, how do they react to you showing affection to each other?



  1. Our kids (4 and 2) don't have any reaction to us hugging or kissing yet. They still like to give us hugs, so if they see us hugging they usually join's the best!

  2. LoL FD, love this! Love the comment from Misty too:)


  3. Haha...this is too funny! Ours kids are 17 and 10. The 17 year old just rolls her eyes and isn't quite so put out by it now that she has had a boyfriend and has experienced kissing herself. The 10 year old, however, acts like it's an embarrassment to all man-kind!!

  4. I still do that exact thing if my parents kiss. My daughter has no reaction to me being affectionate with others (I snuggle with a bunch of friends), and she has a tendency to just squeeze her way into the middle of a snuggle.

  5. My boys are 10 and 4. They both say "That's Gross" and roll their eyes. :)